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Terms & Conditions:


1. All work is GUARANTEED by ROCKSTAR ROOFING against leaks for a period of 3 YEARS. Should you experience a leak, please contact us immediately and we will respond to the reported leak within 24 hours.

2. We require a 75% deposit and 25% on completion of quoted work. A cancellation fee of 7% will apply for any confirmed orders which may be cancelled by the customer.

3. Additional repairs and waterproofing not specified on the quotation above will ONLY be done upon approval of an additional quotation.

4. The following scenarios will invalidate the GUARANTEE as they are beyond ROCKSTAR ROOFING'S control:

a. Storm damages - excessive wind, hail, lightning + flooding.

b. Third party damages - any damage caused to the roof, ceiling or waterproofing by a third party such as plumbers, electricians, fiber installers, golf balls, drone crashes etc. whereby physical damage has been caused to the roof / waterproofing.

c. Third party damaged areas can be repaired subject to approval of an additional quotation by ROCKSTAR ROOFING (usually paid for by the third-party where possible).

5. Rust / Oxidization is a natural occurrence and may re-appear at any time. Rust cannot be GUARANTEED.

6. Where applicable, a waterproofing membrane will be used where necessary only to bridge cracks in the existing waterproofing (loose, cracked and perished membrane to be removed and new membrane installed. Existing membrane that is still firmly bonded and in a serviceable condition will not be removed).

7. Complaints may be directed in writing to and will be dealt with in the shortest time possible.

8. No Guarantee on Timber Treatment (Fully Exposed Timber Cannot Be Guaranteed)

9. No repairs to remaining / unspecified areas around the building or outbuildings. Additional repairs and unforeseen repairs which may be required will only be done upon approval of an additional / provisional quotation.

10. No repairs to remaining / unspecified areas around the building, house or outbuildings. 

11. All rubble removal is included in the quotations we provide unless stated otherwise.

12. We do not share our customers information with any third party whatsoever. We may contact our customers in future to offer additional services or to book a routine maintenance inspection.

Disclaimer: Please refer to terms and conditions on the quotation provided, as terms and conditions may vary according to the scope of work quoted on.

We value our customers dearly and strive to achieve absolute perfection on every job we do. Any complaints will be dealt with promptly and efficiently and can be directed to us using the following details:



Tel: 012 653 0026 or 061 426 4378


Should you our valued customer, for any reason,  have any complaints that we cannot resolve amicably, through reasonable dialect, hereby notify you that you may contact the Damp and Waterproofing Association of South Africa to report the matter: 


Tel: 086 10(DWASA)39272

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