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Telescopic Ladder 3.8 meter (aluminium)

Telescopic Ladder 3.8 meter (aluminium)

R2 695,00Price

The 3.8 meter Telescopic ladder is the most convenient ladder available. The compact design makes it ideal for both indoor or outdoor use with rubber anti-slip covers and a stabilizer bar for better balance to increase your safety.

EN Certified


Fingers Protection & Stabiliser Bar Telescopic style climb ladder, convenient to use and easy to carry around great helper for both indoor household use and outdoor activities. Safe and compact, black anti-slip rubber sleeve on the bottom of the ladder step and stable locking key between two neighbouring steps to avoid bumping and friction. Specially designed stabilizer bar for better balance. The rubber feet and clips are replaceable and the ladder comes with two spare clips for easy maintenance.



- SGS certified ENE131 certified
- Made from anodized aluminium
- Easy-lock sliding system
- Maximum weight supported: 150kg
- 3.8m telescopic ladder
- Material: Aluminium
- Top step to ground: 380cm
- Loading capacity: 150kg
- Packing: Carton

1. Inspect the ladder: Before each use, inspect the ladder for any damage, such as cracks, bent parts, or missing steps. Do not use a damaged ladder.
2. Train and educate: Ensure that anyone who will be using the ladder is trained in ladder safety procedures and understands the risks involved.
3. Set up properly: Place the ladder on a stable, level surface. If using an extension ladder, ensure it is extended fully and the locks are engaged. Use ladder levelers or stabilizers if needed.
4. Maintain three points of contact: When climbing the ladder, maintain three points of contact at all times — two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand.
5. Face the ladder: Always face the ladder when climbing up or down, and never overreach. If you can't reach your work comfortably, climb down and reposition the ladder.
6. Don't exceed weight limits: Ladders have weight limits specified by the manufacturer. Do not exceed these limits.
7. Be cautious in adverse conditions: Avoid using ladders in windy or rainy conditions. Also, be careful when working near electrical hazards.
8. Use proper storage: Store ladders in a dry, well-ventilated area, away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Hang them horizontally if possible.
9. Always read the instructions stated on the ladder for safety.
10. Do not climb the ladder with flip flops, sandals or loose shoes and do not climb the ladder when medicated or intoxicated.

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