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Academy Economy DIY Trayset

Academy Economy DIY Trayset


Includes durable black paint tray, 3-piece ebony paint brush set, 225mm roller handle (re-usable), 2 x 225mm roller refills and sandpaper sheet • Budget-friendly tray set for painting and waterproofing.


1. Do no overload the tray. Always leave a section of the slanted area of the tray for rolling out the surplus paint / waterproofing from the roller.

2. Always roll back and forth in the tray until the roller is well saturated but not overloaded.

3. Paint with light, even vertical strokes moving from painted areas towards unpainted area.


1. Remove the roller from the handle immediately after use.

2. Water-based paints: Wash with soap and warm water, rinse until clean, then dry.

Oil-based paints: Dip roller into recommended solvent. Roll out excess solvent and allow to dry.

3. Never leave roller soaking in water or paint solvent.

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